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Subject: RE: Darlington History including Staindrop, Gainford and Sadberge
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 18:36:53 -0500
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The Moriarity article appeared in NEHGR vol. 106, p. 186 and
following, entitled "The Origin of Nevill of Raby." The article is followed
by comments in a letter to the author by Iain Moncreiffe, thanking Moriaity
for a copy of the article, and noting: " I have for along time been most
interested in the Nevills, and like most people who have considered their
early circumstances-holding of the King of Scots as well as of the King of
England and the Bishop of Durham-came to the conclusion that they must have
been connected with the old earls of Bernicia. The name Meldred seemed to me
to be exclusive to the descendants of Meldred mac Crinan, and the name
Patrick, not a very usual one in those days, was very common as a successor
to Gospatrick in the Dunbar family. But I made the mistake of supposing
Dolfin fitz Uchtred of Staindrop to be the son of Uchtred fitz Meldred the
1139 raider, though I thought it odd he should have raided lands where his
son was settled on good terms (the raid was presumably in revenge for the
Earl of Dunbar's death at the Battle of the Standard).
"Your article fits in so well with all my impressions, and
settles every point of the difficulty so exactly, that the whole thing seems
to fall into place. I have little doubt your suggestions are right."

Moriatiry presented the following scheme of the descent:
I Meldred son of Crinan fl ca 1020+
A. Gospatric Earl of Northumberland d ca 1175
1.Gospatric Earl of Dunbar d 1139
a. Edgar
B. Meldred occ 1084
1. Uchted d -1129/9
a. Dolfin b ca 1100-1110 occ. 1128/9 d ca 1136
1) Meldred b ca 1135 wit ca 1140 d
ca 1183 = NN dau of John de Stuteville of Long Lawford
a) Robert fitz
Meldred b ca 1173/4 d ca 1242
b) Gilbert
c) Richard
d) Gilbert
2) Patric
C. Alstan d 1084
1. Edmund held part of Newton Ketton-1084
2. Scot held Aclea-1084
3. Meldred Lord of Redesdale, dispossessed
a. Robert } both occ
b. Utchred } 1139
4. Gilbernus occ 1133


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