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Subject: Re: Royal Descent of Thomas Keys, husband of Lady Mary Grey
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 09:32:36 EDT


Unfortunatly Burke's rarley gives sources, details given:

Richard Keys; served Hundred Years War France 1373, entered the service of
the Duchy of Lancaster in Derbys; Esquire to RICHARD II; helped prepare
latter's expdn to Ireland; Serjeant-at-arms 1393; in change of all English
ports from Hull to Dartmouth for dealing with captured foreign ships temp
HENRY V; had

HENRY KEYS; Clerk and later Keeper Hanaper (official collecting fees for
documents passing the Gt. Seal) 1410-37; had:

1 Roger; served Hanaper office; Notary Public Exeter; took holy orders; Canon
Exeter 1436; helped build All Souls College, Oxford (completed 1443), of
which 2nd Warden, and c 1445 Eton College also; Chaplain to HENRY VI, Preb St
Paul's; granted arms 1449 and an apparently unique patent of nobility, in
that no summons as a peer of Parl accompanies it (possibly because the
recipient was in holy orders); patent extended to Roger's bro Thomas and his
descendants; Archdeacon Barnstable; charged with treason as Lancastrian
supporter 1470, pardoned 1472; d 1477
2 Thomas; Commr Revenue and Customs Devon 1449; had

(1) Thomas, retainer of (1st or possibly 2nd) Lord (Baron) Berners; had an
only s:

1a Richard; Yeomen to CATHERINE OF ARAGON 1523, Serjeant-at-Arms to HENRY
VIII 1528; commr for building Sandgate Castle 1539, of which Capt 1541;
granted Abbey lands of St Radegund at Dissolution Monastries late 1530; m 1st
Agnes, sis of Sir William Saunders; m 2nd Myldrede, dau of Sir John Scott, of
Scott's Hall; his est s by his 1st w:

1b Thomas, b 1523; Serjeant-Porter to HENRY VIII, EDWARD VI and MARY; Capt
Sandgate Castle; MP Hythe c 1554; involved in suppressing Wyatt's Rebellion
1554; cmded Kentish levies for relief of Calais in or before 1558; Dept
Master Horse to ELIZABETH I; m 1st ____ (d by 1565) and had three children; m
2nd 1565 secretly Lady Mary Grey, 3rd dau of Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk (see
Burke's 1970 edn STAMFORD, E.), for which both were imprisoned separately;
Capt Sandgate Castle 1569; d. 1571, leaving (by his 1st w?) an est s:

1c Thomas; served Ireland 1578 to at least 1601; granted land in Ireland at
Clonfade (later Glenfade) and elsewhere; Sheriff Derry 1623; had:

etc etc

I have been given a copy of :

"The Saunders Family of Ewell and some connestions as
contained in Michael Walker's article "The Manor of
Batailles and the Family of Saunders in Ewell during the
16th and 17th centuries" in Surrey Archeological Society,

This has Agnes sister of William Saunders (-Will 2 Oct 1570 pr 10 Nov 1571)
and who m 1518 or 1519 Richard Keys. No second marriage or details of issue
given. Agnes was daughter of an Henry Saunders (-Will 1 Sep 1518 pr 23 Feb
1518/9) by Joan (-Will 2 Mar 1518/9 pr 17 Mar 1518/9) d of John Lepton of
Kinwick, Yorks.


> Thanks for the post, Adrian.
> >From:
> >The "Keys" family are still around, and can be found in Burke's Peerage
> >under
> >Keys (I was at school with one of them), but unfortunatly there is nothing
> >on
> >Thomas's first wife, just "m 1st _____ (d by 1565) and had three children;
> >m
> >2nd 1565 secretly Lady Mary Grey ..."
> It's a shame. These children of Keys (a son and a daughter, according to
> HOP - I wonder where BURKE'S gets the third child) I would imagine left
> some
> sort of record, unless they died young and unmarried. With more and more
> records going into computer databses, perhaps something will turn up soon.
> >Burke's states that Thomas' father was Richard but by his 1st wife Agnes
> >sis
> >to Sir William Saunders, not by his m2 Myldrede d of Sir John Scott of
> >Scott's Hall.
> HOP does not mention a marriage for Richard Keys other than Mildred Scott.
> The 1530-1 Visitation of Kent (when Richard, Mildred and Thomas were all
> alive), in the Scott pedigree, gives Mildred Scott three children by her
> second husband Richard Keys "of Grenewyche": Thomas, William, and Sybell.
> The informant, I assume, was Sir John Scott, Mildred's father, as he did
> not
> die until Oct. 1533. Also, Mildred had a sister named Sibell and a brother
> named William. HOP says Thomas Keys was born "by 1524."
> The contemporary evidence of the Visitation pedigree given by Mildred's
> father seems very strong that Thomas Keys was her son.
> >There is more information in Burke's (I am looking at 106 Ed, 1999), if
> you
> >do not have access to a copy, let me know.
> I don't have a copy of Burke's handy. Do they say what their source is for
> making Thomas Keys the son of a previous marriage of Richard?
> Thanks again! Cheers, -----Brad

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