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Subject: RE: Longford - Montgomery - Foljambe - Clarell - Gresley
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Mardi Carter, Rosie Bevan and MichaelAnne Guido have done a lot of
Longford research. Unfortunately, Mardi is off in Colorado until fall
(and off-list as well) and I believe MichaelAnne is also otherwise
involved. So if expert help is not forthcoming presently, you might try
again in the fall. I expect Rosie will have seen this post and may
already have replied to you.

Best regards,

Henry Sutliff

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Subject: Longford - Montgomery - Foljambe - Clarell - Gresley

Is there anyone on the list who can comment on the following line:

1. Sir John Gresley d. 31 Jan 1486/7 (b. 1418)

2. Sir John Gresley = Elizabeth Clarell

3. Sir Thomas Clarell = Matilda Montgomery

4. Sir Nicholas Montgomery = Margaret Foljambe

5. Sir Nicholas Montgomery = Joan Longford (m. abt 1391)

6. Sir Nicholas Longford = Margaret Sulney

According to Madam (The Gresleys of Drakelowe) Sir John Gresley was born
in 1418 (from his father's IPM). His parents were Sir John Gresley and
Elizabeth daughter of Sir Thomas Clarell by Matilda daughter of Sir
Nicholas Montgomery. Madam quotes Gresley Charter 387 which is
apparently a marriage settlement for Sir John Gresley and Matilda
Clarell and the date is 1409-10. He also says that Matilda had a sister
Margaret. In his pedigree of the Clarell family he shows Sir Thomas
Clarell (d. 1442) as being married to Matilda, daughter of Sir Nicholas
Montgomery by Margaret Foljambe.

In "South Yorkshire" by Rev. Joseph Hunter, Republished in 1974, there
is a pedigree of Clarell of Aldwark on page 53. This shows Thomas
Clarell the elder drowned in the Don in 1442. Thomas Clarell his son
and heir is described as being 40 years old and upwards. He gives the
wife of Thomas Clarell the elder as being Maud daughter of Sir Nicholas
Montgomery, lord of Marston and Cubley in Derbyshire, by Margaret his
wife daughter of Godfrey Foljambe. He gives their daughter Elizabeth as
marrying "Thomas" Gresley and having a sister Margaret.

From Joseph Foster, Pedigrees of the county families of Yorkshire, vol.1
(London, 1874). Sir Godfrey Foljambe father of "Margery" who married
Clarell, is given as being born in 1343 and dying in 1375. "Margery's"
brother was 21 and a half when he died in 12R2 and was therefore born
about 1366. I would guess "Margery" or Margaret must have been born
around 1370, and in any case no later than 1375. This pedigree goes on
to say Margery Foljambe , married to Sir Nicholas Montgomery, of Cubley,
Knt., ob. 30 Hen. 6, leaving a daughter and heiress, Matilda, married to
Thomas Clarell, of Aldwarke, co. Ebor.

I have not yet seen a sourced pedigree of the Montgomery family, and
what I have seen is confusing. However, if Margaret Foljambe was born
in 1370 she could not have married a man with parents who were only
married in 1391, and still had children by him.

Can anyone offer any corrections to the above line.

Peter Sutton

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