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Dear Brice

Proof of the marriage is to be found in Jeayes, 1505, which is cited in
footnotes of the Roskell article but not stated explicitly as evidence.

1505 GRANT from Robert Twyford, Dominus de Longley, William Arrosmythe,
parson of Longley, John Brewode, parson of Rodburne, and Roger de
Wyngreworthe, to John Cursone fil. Johannis Cursone de Ketilstone and
Margaret his wife, dau. of Nicholas Montgomery, knight., and the heirs of
their bodies, of the manor of Ketilstone, with the advowson of the church
and the reversion of a third part of the same manor which Hugh Husee, knt.,
and Joan his wife hold in dower of the said Joan, the reversion of a
messuage called "le Stanley" place, and four acres of land which John
Repdone de Ketilstone holds, also the whole lordship of Weston Undrewode. In
case of the death of the said John and Margaret without heirs, the said
manors, etc to pass to Thomas, brother of the said John Curson, to Margaret
Curson their sister, and finally to the right heirs of the said John
Cursone, sen, father of the said John, Thomas, and Margaret. Witn. Roger
Bradshawe, Dominus de Meygnylle Longley, Thomas Makworth, John Iretone, John
Burgulone. Dat Morr. of St. Laurence [11 Aug.] 12 Hen IV [1411]

[I.H.Jeayes, Descriptive Catalogue of Derbyshire Charters in Public and
Private Libraries and Muniment Rooms. (London, 1906)



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> It seems probable to me that the solution to the chronological
> conundrum raised by Mr. Sutton is that Maud Montgomery, wife of
> Thomas Clarell, was daughter of the first Sir Nicholas Montgomery,
> d. c. 1424, who was grandfather of the Sir Nicholas Montgomery who
> married Margaret Foljambe.
> Roskell 3:761 says that the first Sir Nicholas had only one
> surviving daughter, Margaret, wife of John Curson of Kedleston,
> but does not seem to cite proof for this assertion.

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