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Subject: RE: Ambiguous citation in benchmark history
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 13:58:07 +1000

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> Subject: Ambiguous citation in benchmark history
> I wonder if any list members will be able to comment more
> authoritatively that the eminent co-authors, Owen and
> Blakeway, of the History of Shrewsbury, 1825, whose
> ambiguous citations contribute confusion to my research of
> Warin the Bald, apparent first Norman Sheriff of Shropshire.
> Page 39: "As the earl was obliged to be frequently absent
> from Shropshire, he appointed as his vicecoms, or
> substitute, the above mentioned Warin, who, however, had
> deceased *without children*, at least without male issue,
> before the compilation of Domesday, as he was succeeded in
> that honorable office by his brother Reginald or Rainald."
> Page 29: "...but it semms nearly certain that Warin, besides
> a son Hugh, left also a daughter, wife to this Alan
> (Fitzflaald, father of William and Walter Fitzalan); and
> that their son William, on the death of his great uncle
> Rainald without issue succeeded, in those unsettled times to
> the family estates, to the exclusion of his uncle Hugh.

Your eminent co-authors didn't have the advantage of reading the
considerably more eminent JH Round - see his _Studies in Peerage and Family
History_ (London, 1901) and (from memory) *The Origin of the Stewarts and
their Chesney Connection* in _The Genealogist_, new series 18 (1902).

Alan fitz Flaald, lord of Oswestry & Mileham, seneschal of Dol & sheriff of
Shropshire 1138/55 was married (as her first husband) to Avelina (Ava) de
Hesdin, later wife of Robert fitz Walter of Horsford, sheriff of Norfolk.
She was daughter of Ernulf de Hesdin & Emelina, and mother of Alan's sons
Jordan, seneschal of Dol & lord of Tuxford, Nottinghamshire (living
1129/30), William, lord of Oswestry & sheriff of Shropshire (died 1160), and
Walter, 1st high steward of Scotland (died 1177).

Peter Stewart

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