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From: "Chris Phillips" <>
Subject: Re: Ambiguous citation in benchmark history
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 10:02:43 +0100

Rick Eaton wrote:
> 1. Was there a Hugh, son of Warin, or not?
> 2. Can anyone further identify him?
> 3. What became of him and why, if he was rightful heir to
> his father, would Hugh's descendants be "excluded?"
> 4.. Who might these descendants be?
> 5. Could those descendants be FitzWarins?

Keats-Rohan has a rather different account of Warin (Domesday Descendants,
p.1138). She says Warin [elsewhere she calls him Awrin the Bald], sheriff of
Shropshire under Earl Roger of Montgomery before 1086, married Amiera a
kinswoman [elsewhere she says niece] of the earl. "At his death he left a
minor son Hugh and a daughter and eventual heiress Adelisa, wife of Hubert
Baldran. His widow remarried Rainald de Balliol, who held Warin's office in
land as guardian of Hugh in 1086."

Piecing together information from other accounts of Rainald de Balgiole
[Domesday People p.348] and his son Rainald II [Domesday Descendants p.301]
it seems he lost his English lands on the fall of the Montgomerys in 1102,
but retained his holding in Normandy. Hugh held his father's land and office
for a short time after 1102.

It sounds from that as though Hugh, the son of Warin, died without issue.
Perhaps the alleged marriage of Alan FitzFleald to a daughter of Warin was
an attempt to explain his succession as sheriff.

Chris Phillips

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