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Subject: Re: Royal Descent of Thomas Keys, husband of Lady Mary Grey
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 02:57:05 -0400


>Unfortunatly Burke's rarley gives sources, details given:

Adrian, thank you for taking the time to post this. I really appreciate it.

>1a Richard; Yeomen to CATHERINE OF ARAGON 1523, Serjeant-at-Arms to HENRY
>VIII 1528; commr for building Sandgate Castle 1539, of which Capt 1541;
>granted Abbey lands of St Radegund at Dissolution Monastries late 1530; m
>Agnes, sis of Sir William Saunders; m 2nd Myldrede, dau of Sir John Scott,
>Scott's Hall; his est s by his 1st w:

I searched the PRO database, and found this document:

E 211/512/C Grant Parties: Thomas Keys gent.; Mr John Stokeley clerk,
Richard Lee esq., John Studde, Robert Chesseman and William Sannders gents.,
John Yelyn mercer and Peter Sterkey clothier, citizens of London, and
William Clerk carpenter. Places or Subjects: Lewisham and Greenwich, County
Kent. 15 Hen.VIII

This links a Thomas Keys with a William Sannders (Saunders?) in 1524. But
it most certainly was not the Thomas Keys (son of Richard) who later married
Lady Mary Grey, as he would have been a child in 1524. So perhaps it was
his grandfather, Thomas Keys (father of Richard), since BURKE'S does not
provide a death date for him.

>1b Thomas, b 1523; Serjeant-Porter to HENRY VIII, EDWARD VI and MARY; Capt
>Sandgate Castle; MP Hythe c 1554; involved in suppressing Wyatt's Rebellion
>1554; cmded Kentish levies for relief of Calais in or before 1558; Dept
>Master Horse to ELIZABETH I; m 1st ____ (d by 1565) and had three children;
>2nd 1565 secretly Lady Mary Grey, 3rd dau of Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk
>Burke's 1970 edn STAMFORD, E.), for which both were imprisoned separately;
>Capt Sandgate Castle 1569; d. 1571, leaving (by his 1st w?) an est s:

The only PRO document I could find pertaining to this Thomas is:

C 1/1445/40 Thomas KEYS, esquire, serjeant porter to the King and Queen, v.
Francis LAMBARD, citizen and grocer of London.: Action for a debt whereof
defendant was not present to receive an instalment when due.: LONDON.

It doesn't give us any clue as to who his mother was.

>1c Thomas; served Ireland 1578 to at least 1601; granted land in Ireland at
>Clonfade (later Glenfade) and elsewhere; Sheriff Derry 1623; had:

This at least tells us what became of his son.

>I have been given a copy of :
>"The Saunders Family of Ewell and some connestions as
>contained in Michael Walker's article "The Manor of
>Batailles and the Family of Saunders in Ewell during the
>16th and 17th centuries" in Surrey Archeological Society,
>This has Agnes sister of William Saunders (-Will 2 Oct 1570 pr 10 Nov 1571)
>and who m 1518 or 1519 Richard Keys. No second marriage or details of
>given. Agnes was daughter of an Henry Saunders (-Will 1 Sep 1518 pr 23 Feb
>1518/9) by Joan (-Will 2 Mar 1518/9 pr 17 Mar 1518/9) d of John Lepton of
>Kinwick, Yorks.

This certainly is confusing. We have a Scott family pedigree from 1530-31
that gives three children - Thomas, William and Sybell - to Richard Keys and
Mildred Scott. We also have strong evidence of a Richard Keys/Agnes
Saunders marriage.

Perhaps the 1570 will of William Saunders sheds some light as to which wife
bore Richard Keys' children.

So many puzzles in medieval geneaology.

Thanks again, Adrian, for providing the BURKE'S and Saunders info.

Best regards, --------Brad

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