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From: "Chris Phillips" <>
Subject: Re: Picot family of Sussex
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 13:40:17 +0100

[This is continuing a thread on soc.genealogy.medieval, but Google, which I
normally use to post messages there, seems to be having severe problems. I'm
therefore copying here, in the hope that RootsWeb will eventually able to do
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Michael W. Cook wrote:
" Gilbert Picot was the son of Fulcon (land attributed to Fulcon also
appears in Abbey charters - MWC) whose father Sir Warin, was the son of one
of the knights that accompanied the Conqueror to England. He was related to
William whose ancestor Rollo, first duke of Normandy, was a Picot.
Adam, the brother of Gilbert Picot; William and Petronilla, children of
Laurence; Adam the son of Adam; and Stephen ( whose deed is dated 1304), son
of the second Adam; were all benefactors of the abbey."

This all seems a bit fanciful to me, can anyone confirm any of this family.

Although Keats-Rohan, "Domesday Descendants", does list a number of Picots,
Gilbert, Fulk and Warin are not among them.

Probably that isn't too surprising, as there does seem to be a serious
problem with the chronology of that account. If Stephen, active in 1304,
were a great-nephew of Gilbert, that would place Gilbert in the early 13th
century at best, and he could hardly be the grandson of a companion of
William I.

I wonder if this is a question of someone grafting the later Picot family
onto the Domesday holder of the same land, and blurring over a gap of a
century or more in the chronology? "Domesday People" (p.460) does list a
Warin Vicecomes in roughly the right area - a tenant of William de Warenne
in Sussex, apparently sheriff of the Rape of Lewes, and whose son Ralph was
a benefactor of Lewes Priory in the time of Henry I.

"Domesday Descendants" (p.1070) does list a Ralph Picot, sheriff of Kent and
Sussex in the 1150s, whose heiress was his daughter Eugenia. There's nothing
to indicate he's the same man as Ralph son of Warin, and chronologically it
doesn't seem likely. As far as I can see none of the other Picots in
"Domesday Descendants" have Sussex connections, although Henry (living 1166)
is said to have acquired "a Yorkshire fee of Warenne" with his wife Letitia,
daughter and heiress of Helias Fitz Hugh de Boseville (just possibly he
might have held land of the Warennes in Sussex too?).

The description of Rollo as "a Picot" must be a bit of antiquarian fantasy.

Chris Phillips

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