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Subject: Re: Fergus Prince of Galloway
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O'Hart is, yo me, like Burke. The Elizabeth, dtr. of Hen. I, was beaten to
death a while back. Please see the archives.

Off the top of my head, I am not comfortable with Fergus' ancestry and
connections as given.

Kay Allen AG from hot, hot SLC

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Subject: Re: Fergus Prince of Galloway

More tid-bits from Learned Cousin....~m

Subject: Re: Fergus Prince of Galloway

According to Irish Pedigrees, Vol. II, p.149, by John O'Hart :

Fergus Prince or Lord of Galloway, d.11 May 1166, was son of Gospatric I
fitzMaldred fitzCrinan, d. 1075, Earl of Northumberland & Dunbar. Fergus is
thought to have married Elizabeth an illeg. daughter of King Henry I of
England. Their son :

Uchtred, Lord of Galloway d. 1174, m. his 1st cousin Gunnild of Dunbar,
dau.of Waltheof, Lord of Allerdale, ( m. Sigrid ) son of Gospatric I
(above) (c. 1040-1074-5), Earl of Northumberland, 1st Earl of Dunbar, Lord
of Carlisle and Allerdale (Altadala), visited Rome 1061, m. sis of Edmund.
Gospatric was son of Maldred, Lord of Carlisle and Allerdale, slain in
battle 1045, brother of Duncan I, King of Scots, d.1040, sons of Crinan the
Thane and Bethoc (Beatrice), dau. of Malcolm II, King of Scots. Maldred
Crinan m. Ealgyth (Edith), dau. of Uchtred the Bold, Earl of
mur.1016, (son of Waltheof, Earl of Northumberland (Bernicia), m. Ecgfrida,
dau. of Aldhun, Bishop of Dunbar.) who m. Alfgifu (Elgiva), dau. of
AEthelred II, the Unready, King of England, 976-1016; m. (1) 985 Alfflaid,
dau. of Thored.

Additional data : Ancestral Roots, etc. (Weis), 7th Ed.


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