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From: "Leo van de Pas" <>
Subject: Re: Walter STEWART possible cousin to King Charles Stuart, II
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 11:28:39 +1000
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Dear Deborah,
Which Walter are you referring to? Do you know a year of birth or anything
else about him? In principal, there are no English Stewarts or Stuarts, they
are all of Scottish origin. And the Scottish Royal Stewarts or Stuarts are
of Breton origin. If you think there could be a link, try to get hold of the
later editions of Burke's Peerage, especially the 1999 edition. Look up the
Earls of Moray, as this gives a much larger record of the Stewart family.
Burke's may not be perfect, especially before 1600, but it can give you
links which may have to be confirmed elsewhere.
Best wishes,
Leo van de Pas
Canberra, Australia

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Subject: Walter STEWART possible cousin to King Charles Stuart, II

> Does SKS know or can SKS please tell me where to search for possible
> information on the Steward/Stewart of Scotland and the Stuart's of England
> and their extended genealogies? Obviously I don't need a direct line
> descendancy but a wider more encompassing family history. Can someone
> please assist me in getting started?

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