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From: "Chris Phillips" <>
Subject: Re: Ambiguous citation in benchmark history
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 20:28:31 +0100

Rick Eaton wrote:
> The reason that I say that is that, within the Eaton circle,
> there is a rather significant debate as to whether is was
> Warin de Meer de Metz, who was the Warin (Sheriff of
> Shropshire) and possible relative of the Pantulfs and the de
> Eytons of Eyton on the Weald Moors, or was it Warin the
> Bald?

In "Domesday People" (p.461), Keats-Rohan lists "Warin []":
"Norman, tenant and under-tenant of Roger de Montgomery. His Shropshire
manors, held of William Pantolf, were later held by the Eyton family; Eyton,
Shrops, viii, 26, 36; VCH Shrops xi, 139"
[references to Domesday Book follow]

As this Warin was living at the time of the Survey, he seems to be different
from Warin the Bald, who, as previously posted, seems to have been dead by
that time.

From the description of Warin de Meer/Metz given by Peter Stewart, his
period of activity was up to 60 years later than Domesday.

Chris Phillips

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