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Subject: Re: Walter STEWART possible cousin to King Charles Stuart, II
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 20:56:46 +0100
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There is a book published in 1998 entitled The Forgotten Monarchy of
Scotland (The true story of the Royal House of Steward and the Hidden
Lineage of the Kings and Queens of Scots) by HRH Prince Michael of Albany,
pub Element. I make no observations on the accuracy of the data therein,
its outside my knowledge and areas of research.

The book makes reference to two Walters

p49 Walter, 3rd Lord High Steward

Alan, the High Steward had died in 1204 to be succeeded by his son
Walter.... and who was the first of the family to use the surname Stewart.
he raised Paisley Priory to the status of an abbey in 1219, and became
Justiciar north of the Forth as well as being Scotland's High Steward and
Chancellor. .....

p71 Walter, 6th High Steward
Sir James Stewart, 5th High Steward, died within three years of Bruce's
coronation, to be succeeded by his son, Walter. Like his father, Walter was
also a Bruce supporter, and at the young age of 21 had commanded the left
wing of the Scots army at Bannockburn......

He was knighted by King Robert on the field of battle, and when Edward II
made another attempt at Scotland he was driven back by Sir Walter's army at

In 1315 Walter married King Robert's daughter Marjorie, and some months
later, when Bruce went to Ireland, he left Walter as the Commissioner of
Scotland. Unfortunately though, within a year of her marriage Marjorie
Bruce died in a riding accident; she was pregnant at the time, but her
unborn child was quickly saved by Caesarean operation (?) Her husband Sir
Walter Stewart died in 1326......."

There is more in the book.


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S.B. Southerden from Winchester, Hampshire

Researching Kearton; Kirton; Kyrton

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Subject: Walter STEWART possible cousin to King Charles Stuart, II

> Does SKS know or can SKS please tell me where to search for possible
> information on the Steward/Stewart of Scotland and the Stuart's of England
> and their extended genealogies? Obviously I don't need a direct line
> descendancy but a wider more encompassing family history. Can someone
> please assist me in getting started?
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