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Subject: Re: Ogilvy of Deskford
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 02:48:20 -0500
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Dear Leo:

I believe Paget has it right. The Late Lord Strathspey wrote in "A
History of Clan Grant", 1983, published by Phillimore, on page 12:

"John Grant (1485-1528) Second of Freuchie
John Grant married Margaret Ogilvie of Deskford in 1484. Margaret
Ogilvie was of the family who were Earls of Findlater and later became Earls
of Seafield......
He [John Grant] was on good terms with the Earl of Huntley, and from him
received the life rent of lands at Kinrara and other lands in Badenoch. It
was whilst he was staying at Gordon Castle, Fochabers, Huntley's home, that
he made the marriage contract with Sir james Ogilvie of Deskford." EQ

PLM: The dates in parenthesis refer to when he was Chief of Clan Grant, or
master of Freuchie, and not his life span. I have a rough scan of "Rulers of
Strathspey", by the Earl of Cassillis, 1911 and he confirms it also.

page 26:

"On the 8th June, 1483, On a Precept from William Crawford of Federeth, he
was infeft in the lands of Inverallan. [Chiefs of Grant I p. xxxi. ; III pp.
263, 264.] In 1511, after the death of Alexander Hay of Mavne, who also had
a Charter of these lands, the non-entry of the lands was conferred by the
Crown on one Robert Douglas, who pursued John Grant of Freuchie for the
rents and dues thereof before the Lords of Council. In the action the Crown
laid claim to the mauls of half the lands of Gaich, half the lands of
Glenbeg, and half the lands of Dreggie, but their Lordships decided in
favour of John Grant of Freuchie on production by him of Charter and Sasine
of the lands.

On 16th September, 1483, he received a gift from George, [lbid, I., p. 71 ;
III., pp. 34 and 35,] Earl of Huntly of the lands of Kinrara and others in
the lordship of Badenoch, in liferent for man-rent service. On 15th
September, 1481, he entered into a contract of marriage with Margaret
Ogilvy, [Ibid 1., pp. 71, 72; III pp. 35 and 36 (Original Contract in
Charter Room at Cullen House)] daughter of Sir James Ogilvy of Deskford."

PLM: The text is not proofed, and the footnotes I put in brackets. The only
uncertainty would appear to be whether Margaret Innes, was Margaret
Ogilvie's mother, but as they share the same name, I think it's a safe

Best Wishes,

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Subject: Ogilvy of Deskford

> Gerald Paget, in his book on the ancestors of Prince Charles, displays as
Q 98380 Margaret Ogilvy, daughter of Sir James Ogilvy, of Deskford, and
Margaret Innes, Margaret Ogilvy, on 14 September 1484, marries John Grant,
of Freuchie
> In Wood's Douglas Peerage of Scotland, 1815, on page 580, we find the same
Sir James Ogilvy, of Deskford, and Margaret Innes as parents of Margaret
Ogilvy, but this Margaret Ogilvy married James Abernethy of Birkenbog.
However, a younger daughter, Elizabeth, marries John Grant of Freuchie.
Sadly, no dates here.
> What I wonder, is Gerald Paget wrong? And should his Margaret be
Elizabeth? Does anyone know the answer?
> Many thanks.
> Leo van de Pas
> Canberra, Australia

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