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From: Don Stone <>
Subject: Re: No Messages
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 20:54:31 -0400
References: <3D3703C2.00000E.28471@computer>

Debbi Logan wrote:
> I haven't received any messages for the past day or so...can you tell
> me what's wrong?

I've just been informed that the technical person responsible for
rebuilding the news server was injured recently (not life-threatening,
fortunately); hence the delay in restoring the gateway between
GEN-MEDIEVAL and soc.genealogy.medieval.

It is possible that there are additional related problems with
GEN-MEDIEVAL, whose resolution also will be delayed.

I think that no postings to either the list or the newsgroup will be lost,
though some may not be gated and thus won't appear in both list and group.
If so, then note that it has for some time been the case that a complete
search of the archives requires separately searching the list archives and
the newsgroup archives, since some posts in the past (esp. in late 1997)
weren't gated. It would be nice if a medieval genealogy meta-search page
could be constructed which would collect a query and submit it to both
archives, but I'm not sure that this is possible. Does some industrious
web wizzard want to look into this?

-- Don Stone

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