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From: "Le Bateman" <>
Subject: Hello
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 19:27:16 -0500

Can anyone tell me who the parents and grandparents of Eadulf ? -913 are. I
have seen this name Eadwulf somewhere. These are classified as High Reeves
of Bamburg. But were they also Ealdormans' of Northumbria. Or did that start
with Uhtred. Perhaps he received this title because of his victories against
Malcom II and Crinan The Thane.

Eadulf ?-913
Ealdred I (son of Eadulf) 913-930
Osulf (son of Ealdred) 930-963
Waltheof (son of Osulf) 963-970
Uchtred the Bold (son of Waltheof) 995-1016
Eadulf I (son of Waltheof) 1016-1019
Ealdred II (son of Uchtred) 1019-1038
Eadulf II 1038-1041 (son of Uchtred)

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