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From: "Rafal T. Prinke" <>
Subject: Re: Soldbuch battle of Tannenberg 1410
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 17:27:10 +0200

"Guenter Boehm" <> wrote:

> Does anyone know in which archive is now the 'Soldbuch'
> (pay book) of the knights and troops which fought in the battle
> of Tannenberg in 1410 ?
> It was in the Staatsarchiv of Koenigsberg in East Prussia,
> today it is somewhere in Germany.

It was actually published - but maybe not the whole as I find
only refernces to vil. 1:

S. Ekdahl, Das Soldbuch des Deutschen Ordens 1410/1411,
Die Abrechnungen für die Soldtruppen,
Bd.1 (Veröffentlichungen aus den Archiven Preußischer
Kulturbesitz, 23/I), Köln-Wien 1988

It seems it should be in the Archive of Preußischer Kulturbesitz
in Berlin? Anyway, the introduction to the book mentioned above
should contain the details.

BTW: I once thought the participants of this last medieval
battle and one of the largest ones might be a good candidate
for a European lineage association (ie. of descendants).
They are relatively well documented, included "guests
of the Order" from many Western European countries and
representatives of many East European nations on the other
side (Poles, Lithuanians, Czechs, Ruthenians, Tartars).

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