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From: Tim Powys-Lybbe <>
Subject: RE: No Messages
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 23:16:24 +0100
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"John Higgins" <> wrote:

> Another reason to stay out of SGM (and to be partially thankful for the lack
> of the gateway) is that SGM is being overwhelmed by messages from Hines and
> his fellow mud-wrestlers. Aside from a couple of threads on the continuing
> question of Amy de Gaveston (including an excellent summary by Brad Verity),
> most of the traffic on SGM is devoted to flame wars initiated or continued
> by Hines and others of his ilk.

I have noticed much the same but it has now died down. Anyhw the reason
we were seeing that flame war was because someone started cross-posting
between newsgroups and brought in soc.history.medieval where the flame
war actually was. I did some experimenting with my filtering facility
and found that a filter on the content of the Newsgroups line in the
header of: *.medieval,*.medieval picked up all such cross posts. I
extended the filter to dump them in a folder called Spam where I found
they could all be deleted; if the cross-posting returns I'll alter the
filter again to plain delete all such messages.

> We may have fewer messages on Gen-Med at the moment but at least we're
> spared the high levels of trash that (it's now apparent) came through the
> gateway.

Only through the vicious habit of cross-posting.

> John Higgins
> "Who begot whom is a most amusing kind of hunting" - Horace Walpole
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> > You might not like it. I hate it. Replying is not easy. You
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> > mail programs which you are used to ... there is no spell check ... you
> > have to join google and give your posts away to them.

There is a terminological inexactitude here. You do not have to go
anywhere near google to receive newsgroups. Just get a news reader
program and use the news feed that most Internet Service Providers
provide. For news readers, Forte Free Agent has a good reputation:

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