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From: Tim Powys-Lybbe <>
Subject: Re: No Messages
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 23:21:35 +0100
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> If you want to reply, you have to join.

Please listen to Don. He is right. You don't have to join Google. I
don't use Google, I subscribe to several newsgroups and can reply
without using Google. In anycase I hate these WWW-based facilities as
they are all so slow.

> At the bottom of every page it also
> says copyright Google 2002 ... making a mess of who legally owns the
> copyright. Since the same posts are in ROOTSWEB, both cannot hold copyright.
> Big drawbacks to GOOGLE are no spell checks, no easy saves of materials for
> your own records, difficulty in quoting from or replying to other posts, as
> you reply to the entire post and the text is repeated over and over and over
> again in entirety. Frankly, the entire system sucks.

Please, you do not have this right.

> On the good side, all the flames and useless arguments have moved over there

No. What has happened is that a flame war on the soc.history.medieval
newsgroup spilled over to the s.g.m newsgroup because some goon started
cross-posting. Cross-posting is an evil that leads to trouble!

> so they can have a world audience for their brilliant putdowns and illogical
> conclusions.

Dare I mention that you have indulged in an illogical conclusion about

> In a message dated 7/19/02 9:00:56 PM, writes:
> << No, you don't have to join Google (which provides web-based access to
> newsgroups). Most ISPs provide direct access to newsgroups, allowing you
> to read the messages of any newsgroup by using a news reader (as described
> in my earlier message on this topic). >>

Tim Powys-Lybbe
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