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From: Cristopher Nash <>
Subject: Re: de Thouars and de Faye (Bramley, Surrey) in 'DD' - ?
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 15:49:14 +0100
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Hi Pat --

>Have been away and so hope that I may jump in here and ask a question about
>the Ventadour. Was this family in Surrey? I descend from the de Fays through
>the Wyntershull connection to the Bysshe line. In a 1250 deed of William
>Venator [VCH finds another origination of this name but there is similarity]
>among the witnesses is John de Bisse of Bysshe Court Horne. In 1356,
>Bartholomew de Burghersh died seized of the tenements called La Bysh in
>Horne and "Hurle", a capital messuage...held of the heir of Hugh le
>Was the Raoul/Ralph presentation on list or in private email? I'll search
>the archives.

I think it's safe to say that no one of this line and bearing
Ventadour as a surname appears in England in the period you have in
mind. 'Venator' is likely to be associated with the Latin for Hunter
(and you'd be lucky not to have lost track of it buried subsequently
under that English name!) Yes, much Faye discussion (of autumn and
particularly November 2001) should show up in the archives. Good


>Thank you.
>>From: Cristopher Nash <>
>>Subject: Re: de Thouars and de Faye (Bramley, Surrey) in 'DD' - ?
>>Date: Sun, Jul 21, 2002, 7:53 AM
>> John thanks grandly for this. I feel your presentat. of the
>> Raoul/Ralph relationship is cool -- pitched just right -- and I love
>> the Ventadour connection, which I'd never seen. (Always been a
>> distant fan of Ebles II.)
>> (I must admit that note 19 [Paul Theroff, "De Geneva Family,
>> Counts of Toulouse," Paul Theroff's Dynastic Genealogy Tables,
>>] didn't
>> actually yield the Faye/Ventadour info I'd anticipated - maybe
>> Paul T's changed his text since you were there.)
>> As to that moussaka - it's the raki that's got me singing like Ebles.
>> BTW - I think your proposal on the mysterious Hawise -- <The Kindred
>> of Hugh le Despenser (revisited)> -- is intriguing....
>> Cheers ever,
>> Cris
>>>Dear Cris,
>>> Welcome back! We were wondering where in the Hellas you'd been......I
>>>hope you found the moussaka to your liking.
>>> As I see it, there is nothing 'new' on the de Faye/Bramley front. Of
>>>course, from a Clintonian perspective one person's 'new' is
>>>another's 'knew'.
>>> But I digress.
>>> By a separate email, I will forward the .rtf file I had sent to Adrian
> >>earlier. If you spy something 'new' (or questionable), please advise.
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