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From: Tim Powys-Lybbe <>
Subject: Re: Despencer/Basset/Courtenay
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 21:31:31 +0100
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Cristopher Nash <> wrote:

> Another daughter of Hugh le Despencer and Aline/Aliva Basset --
> currently discussed under <Re: The Kindred of Hugh le Despenser
> (revisited)> -- is Alianore/Eleanor le Despencer.
> I'd appreciate hearing if anyone has run into evidence for the
> assertion that Aveline/Ageline/Evelina de Courtenay (who m. Robert,
> Ld Scales) is a daughter of this Alianore/Eleanor le Despencer and
> Hugh (d. by 5 Mar 1292) de Courtenay.

CP IV, 323 is ambiguous as it does not state which Hugh Despenser, lord
Despenser, Eleanor was the daughter of.

However Ronny Bodine and Bro. Thos. W Spalding in their Ancestry of
Dorothea Poyntz, pp. 115 and 155, make it clear that they think he was
the Hugh who was b. c. 1223 and died at Evesham on 4 Aug 1265. They
quote CP and DNB.

Not quite evidence, I know.

Tim Powys-Lybbe
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