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Subject: RE: Dampierre-Richebourg
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> Guy's first wife Marie d'Enghien was burggravine of Ghent and
> dame of Zotteghem & Houdain. Do you know what became of
> these titles? There is no obvious problem if these passed to
> offspring of her first marriage, to Hugues V d'Antoing, seigneur
> of Epinoy - I've never seen them ascribed to Alix of any of her
> children. If Alix had half-siblings, or just one, I suppose proof of
> her immediate relationships could be looked for in that quarter.

I could have answered my own question - according to ES XIII, table 17,
Marie d'Enghien's heiress was her daughter Isabeau d'Antoing, from the first

Isabeau (died 6 December 1354) married first Henri II de Louvain (Brabant),
lord of Gaesbeek & Heristal (died ca 1324); secondly in 1325 Alfonso de la
Cerda, lord of Lunel (died 15 April 1327 - ES loc cit says August) by whom
she was mother of Charles d'Espagne, count of Angoulême, governor of Picardy
& Artois (murdered 6 January 1354); and thirdly Jean II, count of
Tancarville & viscount of Melun (died 1359).

Peter Stewart

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