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From: "B.M. Kamp" <>
Subject: RE: Dampierre-Richebourg
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 09:50:33 +0200
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Peter Stewart wrote
Subject: RE: Dampierre-Richebourg

> A similar reservation occurred to me over this as with BĂ©atrix of Putten &
> Strijen: Guy's first wife Marie d'Enghien was burggravine of Ghent and dame
> of Zotteghem & Houdain. Do you know what became of these titles? There is no
> obvious problem if these passed to offspring of her first marriage, to
> Hugues V d'Antoing, seigneur of Epinoy - I've never seen them ascribed to
> Alix of any of her children. If Alix had half-siblings, or just one, I
> suppose proof of her immediate relationships could be looked for in that
> quarter.

Marie d'Enghien had two children by her first husband Hugues
d'Antoing (see Eur Stammtafeln Vol XIII table 17):
1. Hugues, who died young
2. Marie d'Antoing + 6 Dec 1354, Burggravin (Viscountess) de Gent,
Dame de Sottegem, who married three times:
x Henri de Louvain (of the house of Brabant) + ca 1323
xx Alfonso de La Cerda (of the house of Castilia) + 1327
their son 2.1 Carlos died s.p 6 Jan 1354 (before his mother)
xxx Jean II Vicomte de Melun + 1359
3 children:
2.2. Hugues de Melun Burggraaf van Gent, 1410 +,
who left issue ( his son Jean IV was Burggraaf van Gent. )
2.3. Isabeau de Melun + Dec 1389
x ca 1343 Pierre comte de Dreux + 3 Nov 1345
(their infant daughter and heir Jeanne + 22 Aug 1346)
xx Jean d'Artois Comte d'Eu + 6 Apr 1387
( many, many descendants)
2.4. Marie de Melun

Hope this helps.

Bert M. Kamp

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