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Subject: John de Bohun m 1325 Alice de Arundel
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 20:47:18 EDT

CP Vol VI p 471 note h) has "Papal Dispensation 8 Kal. Mar. 1325 for JOHN de
BOHUN [5th Er of Hereford] to marry one of the das. of Edmund, [9th] Earl of
Arundel, they being related in the 4th degree.", and in fact he does m one,
Alice, in 1325.

But I cannot find this 4th degree relationship. William Marshal Er Pembroke
is a common ancestor, but in the 5th degree. Can anybody verify the
following (particularly no. 47) and fill in no. 39.


002 John de Bohun 5Er Hereford
003 Alice de Arundel
004 Humphrey de Bohun 4Er Hereford
005 Elizabeth d of king Edward I
006 Edmund 9Er Arundel
007 Alice Warren
008 Humphrey de Bohun 3Er Hereford
009 Maud de Fiennes
010 king Edward I
011 Eleanor of Castile
012 Richard 8Er Arundel
013 Alice d of Mq de Saluzzo
014 William Warren
015 Joanne de Vere
016 Humphrey de Bohun
017 Eleanor de Briouze
018 Enguerrard de Fiennes seigneur de Fiennes
019 Isabel d of Jacques seigneur de Conds etc
020 king Henry III
021 Eleanor d of Raymond Berengar
022 Ferdinand III of Castile
023 Joan d of Simon Ct of Aumale
024 John 7Er Arundal
025 Isabel Mortimer
026 Tommaso I Mq of Saluzzo
027 Luisa/Luigia d of Giorgio Mq de Ceva
028 John de Warren 7Er Surrey
029 Alice Lusignan
030 Robert de Vere 5Er Oxford
031 Alice d of Gilbert de Sanford
032 Humphrey de Bohun 2Er of Hereford
033 Maud d of Raoul de Lusignan Ct of Eu
034 William de Briouze
035 Eva d of William Marshal Er Pembroke
036 Guillaume de Fiennes
037 Agnes de Dammartin
038 Jacques Seigneur de Conde, Bailleul and Moriammez
039 ???
040 king John
041 Isabelle d of Aymar Taillefer Ct Angouleme
042 Raymond Berengar Ct of Provence
043 Beatrix d of Thomas I Ct of Savoy
044 Alphonso IX king of Leon
045 Berengaria of Castile
046 Simon Ct of Aumale (?and de Dammartin)
047 ???? Mary of Ponthieu
048 John 6Er Arundel
049 Maud d of Roesia de Vernon
050 Sir Roger Mortimer
051 Maud Botiller
052 Manfredo III Mq de Saluzzo
053 Beatrice de Savoie
054 Giorgio Mq de Ceva
055 Menzia Elisa de Este d of Alberto di Este
056 William de Warenne 6Er Surrey
057 Maud d of William Marshal 4Er Pembroke
058 Hugh le Brun Lord of Lusignan and Valence
059 Isabel d of Ademar ct of Angouleme
060 Hugh de Vere 4Er Oxford
061 Hawise d of Saher de Quincy 1Er Winchester
062 Gilbert de Sanford
063 Lorette

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