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Subject: Re: John de Bohun m 1325 Alice de Arundel
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 18:43:47 +1000
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I show a 3rd cousin relationship to Isabella d'Angouleme, as:-
Isabella d'Angouleme + John Lackland, King of England
Henry III, King of England + Eleanor de Provence
Edward I, King of England + Eleanor of Castile
Elizabeth of England + Humphrey VII de Bohun, Earl of Hereford
John de Bohun, Earl of Hereford.

Isabella d'Angouleme + Hugues X de Lusignan, Count la Marche
Alix de Lusignan + John de Warenne, Earl of Surrey
Sir William Warenne + Joan de Vere
Alice de Warenne + Edmund FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel
Alice FitzAlan.

They also have a 3rd cousin once removed relationship from William de Braose
in addition to the 4th cousin from William Marshall.

I can't give you an authoritative answer to your #39 or #47 queries. For #39
I actually have #38 as the brother not father of #19 but the chronology
looks poor. For #47 I have Marie de Ponthieu et d'Aumale.

Ian Fettes
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Subject: John de Bohun m 1325 Alice de Arundel

> CP Vol VI p 471 note h) has "Papal Dispensation 8 Kal. Mar. 1325 for JOHN
> BOHUN [5th Er of Hereford] to marry one of the das. of Edmund, [9th] Earl
> Arundel, they being related in the 4th degree.", and in fact he does m
> Alice, in 1325.
> But I cannot find this 4th degree relationship. William Marshal Er
> is a common ancestor, but in the 5th degree. Can anybody verify the
> following (particularly no. 47) and fill in no. 39.
> Adrian

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