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Subject: Re: John de Bohun m 1325 Alice de Arundel
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 06:10:51 EDT

Ian Fettes wrote,


> I actually have #38 as the brother not father of #19 but the chronology
> looks poor.

This comes from CP Vol VI page 465/6 (Hereford):

"He [Humphrey de Bohun, 3rd Earl of Hereford] m in 1275, Maud de Fiennes.
She was da. of Enguerrand de Finnes, Seigneur de Fiennes in Guisne, by
(_____) [CP Vol XIV for (____) read "Isobel"], da. of Jacques, Seigneur de
Conde, Bailleul and Moriammez in Hainault, and granddaughter of Guillaume de
Fiennes, by Agnes de Dammartin da of Alberic II Count of Dammartin."

However there is a further addition in Vol XIV, which does not make sense to
me (on page 381 of Vol XIV the addition is shown as to page 462, line 2 but
would seem to be an addition to page 466 line 2. The same, but to line 1,
applies to the addition of "Isobel" above)

"after 'Hainault' add 'da. of Nicholas I Seigneur de Conde, by Isobel, Dame
de Morialme'


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