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Subject: du Roeulx to de Fiennes (was Re: John de Bohun m 1325 Alice de Arundel)
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 13:49:22 EDT

Saturday, 27 July, 2002

Dear Adrian, Ian, et al.,

The prior thread raised some question as to the ancestry of Maud de
Fiennes, wife of Humphrey de Bohun (d. 31 Dec 1298), and therefore also that
of her brother Sir William (Guillaume) de Fiennes of Wendover, co. Bucks (k.
at Courtrai, 1302).

From several SGM posts and references provided by Paul McBride [1], the
following appears to be correct:

1. Baldwin V, Count of Flanders = Adela of France
(aka Baldwin of Lille; d. 1067)

1. Matilda of Flanders = William the Conqueror
2. Baldwin VI, Count of Flanders = Richilda of Hainaut
(Baldwin I of Hainaut; d. 1070)

1. Arnulf III of Flanders (I of Hainaut), d. 1070
2. Baldwin II of Hainaut = Ida of Louvain
(crusader; d. 1098)

1. Baldwin III of Hainaut = Yolande of Gueldres
(d. 1120)

1. Baldwin IV of Hainaut
2. Ida of Hainaut = Roger de Tosny/Tony
(d. aft 1156)

2. Arnulf of Hainaut = Beatrix d'Ath [2]
seigneur du Roeulx dju

1. Eustache I du Roeulx = Marie

1. Eustache II du Roeulx = Bertha de Gavre
(d. ca. 1186)

1. Eustache III du Roeulx = Marie de
(d. ca. 1218) Mortaigne

1. Eustache IV du Roeulx
2. Agnes du Roeulx = Jacques de Conde

1. ______ de Conde = Enguerrand
(Isabel ?) de Fiennes

1. Giles de Fiennes
2. William de Fiennes
= Blanche de Brienne
3. Maud de Fiennes
= Humphrey de Bohun

(NOTE: this is meant primarily to reflect the ancestry of William and
Maud de Fiennes, and not by any means comprehensive as to the lines of
descent from Baldwin V of Flanders.)

Any additional detail, comments or criticism is certainly welcome.

Good luck, and good hunting.

John *


[1] Leo van de Pas, " Looz - Conde ", 6 July 1998 ;
Steven Van Impe, " Hainaut ", 20 March 1997 ;
Stewart Baldwin, "Re: Flanders counts", 4 July 2000 ;
Paul McBride, Ancestors of Paul Bailey McBride

[2] Beatrix d'Ath was evidently heiress of the
castellany or seigneurie du Roeulx. She has been
identified by Stewart Baldwin as the daughter of
of Gautier d'Ath (2nd husband) by Ada of Roucy,
a younger daughter of Hildouin IV de Montdidier
(aka de Ramerupt) by Adela de Roucy [cf CGM,
"Re: Flanders counts", 4 July 2000]

* John P. Ravilious

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