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Subject: Re: John de Bohun m 1325 Alice de Arundel
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 10:27:44 EDT

Sunday, 28 July, 2002

Dear Ian and Adrian,

Thanks for the cites from CP XIV.

While that appears to destroy the du Roeulx descent, now there is another
line (derived from the same sources, esp. Steven van Impe's post) from the
Counts of Hainaut about which I am uncertain. To-wit:

1. Baldwin II, Count of Hainaut = Ida of Louvain

1. Baldwin III
2. Arnulf du Roeulx
3. Alix of Hainaut = Nicholas II, sgr de Rumigny

1. Beatrice de Rumigny = Gossuin III, sgr de Mons

1. Alice de Mons = Roger, sgr de Conde

1. Nicholas de Conde = Isobel de

1. Jacques de Conde
2. Isabel de Conde = Enguerrand de

Chronogically, this works (looking overall from Baldwin II down to
William de Fiennes of Wendover, Bucks.).

Is this supported in ES, or elsewhere?

Thanks again; good luck, and good hunting.

John *

* John P. Ravilious

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