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From: "Leo van de Pas" <>
Subject: Re: Anne de Dreux (was Re: John de Bohun m 1325 Alice de Arundel)
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 08:59:04 +1000
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Dear John,
This is going to be an interesting search. I looked what I have in my
computer and found her (without parents) and Turton as source.
I double checked Turton and, yes, no parents for Anne de Dreux.

Your guess is the French royal Family,
ES volume III Tafel 63 gives
Robert I, Comte de Dreux, the following children :
by 1st wife Agnes de Garlande
1.Simon (1141)-CA.1144
by 2nd wife Havise d'Evreux
2.Adele 1144/1145-ca.1210
married (1) Valeran de Breteuil (2) Guy II de Chatillon
(3) Jean I de Thourotte (4) Roaul I de Nesle
by 3rd wife Agnes de Baudement
3.Robert II de Dreux
5.Adelaide (Alix) (1156)-after 1217 married Raoul I de Coucy
7.Isabelle (1160)-1239 married Hugues III de Broyes
11.Mamilie (1166) Prioress in Wariville
12.Marguerite (1167) nun

ES Volume XIII tafel 124 gives an unrelated Dreux family.
This family is obscure (no Anne) and I feel may not be complete.

Rahier I de Dreux (no parents) Seigneur de Muzy, mentioned 1107,1147,
married Berthe de Leves (her family is same volume Tafel 123) and they have
only sons recorded, Milon, Goslein, Rahier II, Geoffroy and Milon (again).
By taking some of the Latin remarks in account, this family seems to be a
bit of guess work.

I know this has not been positive but hope it may eliminate a bit of
searching in the wrong places. I would love to hear if you succeed in
finding the parents of Anne de Dreux.
Best wishes
Leo van de Pas

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Subject: Anne de Dreux (was Re: John de Bohun m 1325 Alice de Arundel)

> Sunday, 28 July, 2002
> Dear Kay, and Ian,
> Thanks for confirming the subject line (Baldwin II of Hainaut ->
> de Conde) as valid.
> While trying in my own Sisyphian way to fill in the gaps in the
> of Margaret de Fiennes (d. 7 Feb 1333/4; wife of Sir Edmund de Mortimer),
> find a glaring gap that should be (hopefully) readily resolved:
> Enguerrand de Fiennes (d. 1218) is shown as the son
> of Eustace II de Fiennes by Anne de Dreux.
> My notes show no record of the parentage of Anne de Dreux, and
> about shows no link provided by Paul Theroff's dynastic files (on B. G.
> Lloyd's site) or on any posts to SGM.
> The most likely placement seems to be as a daughter of Robert I, comte
> Dreux [younger son of Louis VI of France by Alix/Alice of Savoy], and
> probably by his first wife Agnes de Garlande (d. 1143) [1]. I show only
> son Simon by this first marriage, of whom it appears he d.v.p. somewhat
> in life given the succession of his half-brother Robert II to the comital
> titles (Dreux et Braine) in 1188.
> Does anyone already have a solution in place as to Anne (possibly
> ?) de Dreux, or a reasonable theory for a solution?
> Thanks, and good continued hunting.
> John *
> [1] Although, unless an overriding chronological problem
> is found a placement as daughter of the third wife,
> Agnes de Braine [mother of most of the issue of
> Robert de Dreux] is at least a possibility.
> * John P. Ravilious

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