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Subject: RE: Anne de Dreux (was Re: John de Bohun m 1325 Alice de Arundel)
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 09:41:10 +1000

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> Dear John,
> This is going to be an interesting search. I looked what I have in my
> computer and found her (without parents) and Turton as source.
> I double checked Turton and, yes, no parents for Anne de Dreux.
> Your guess is the French royal Family,
> ES volume III Tafel 63 gives
> Robert I, Comte de Dreux, the following children :
> by 1st wife Agnes de Garlande
> 1.Simon (1141)-CA.1144
> by 2nd wife Havise d'Evreux
> 2.Adele 1144/1145-ca.1210
> married (1) Valeran de Breteuil (2) Guy II de Chatillon
> (3) Jean I de Thourotte (4) Roaul I de Nesle

So Agnes de Garlande is supposed to have had two sons named Simon? She was
mother of Simon III, seigneur of Montfort-l'Amaury, count of Evreux &
Rochefort (died 12/13 March 1181). What is the proof that this lady married
Robert I of Dreux?

He was a landless cadet accorded comital rank ad personam after marrying two
countesses - Havise (Amicie) de Saresbury, widowed countess of Le Perche &
Agnes de Baudement, dame of Braine-sur-Vesle in her own right and widowed
countess of Bar-sur-Seine. ES is apparently suggesting that he had
previously & briefly married yet another, the widowed countess of Evreux,
and fathered a son who mysteriously duplicated his half-brother's name, when
Robert can't have been more than 17 or at the most 18 years old. Does anyone
know of definite evidence for this?

Peter Stewart

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