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Subject: RE: The Henry Project -- One Year Later
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 10:31:47 +1000

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> Subject: The Henry Project -- One Year Later
> Kelsey Williams refers to the "Syadenos family on [the] mother's
> side" of Eudokia Komnena.
> According to ES 2:177, Eudokia's mother was Maria Dukaina.
> Could Mr. Williams post what he knows a bout Eudokia's maternal
> ancestry, with sources if possible?

Eudokia (renamed Maria) Komnene who married (in 1178/9) Guilhem VIII, count
of Montpellier was daughter of Alexios Komnenos, protostrator &
protosebastos, lover of Empress Maria & leader of her regency council (born
1136, murdered as a prisoner 1183) and his wife Maria, who was described as
"doukoblastos" (bud of the Doukas stem), although not otherwise recorded as
the daughter of any specific member of that family.

Possibly this Eudokia is being confused with her namesake who married first
(at Veroli in 1170) Odone Frangipani (died ca 1176) and secondly (in 1179)
Guelfo di Paganello (di Porcaria). This Eudokia was daughter of Isaakios
Komnenos, sebastokrator and his wife Eirene, daughter of a man surnamed
(Diplo)Synadenos & an unknown mother.

Peter Stewart

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