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Subject: Re: Anne de Dreux (was Re: John de Bohun m 1325 Alice de Arundel)
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 21:44:31 EDT

Sunday, 28 July, 2002

Dear Leo,

Thanks for the rapid lookups. And also, thank you Peter for poking some
holes in the established rendition of Robert de Dreux' marriages.

Interestingly, not only does Agnes de Garlande appear in my records as
the mother of the younger Simon de Montfort (d. 12 Mar 1180/1), but also of a
daughter Agnes - wife of Waleran, count of Meulan (d. 10 Apr 1166). It would
definitely be remarkable (if not unbelievable) that she would have had a son
Simon, AND a daughter Anne/Agnes, by a second husband (Robert de Dreux).

This one is even more interesting than I thought. If the spouse of
Eustace II de Fiennes was in fact 'Anne (Agnes) de Dreux', it is strange that
her parentage had not been previously resolved. Hopefully, that will be the
result of the current effort.

Whatever I might turn up (positive or negative), I will pass on.

Good luck, and good hunting.

John *

* John P. Ravilious

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