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From: "Chris Phillips" <>
Subject: Re: The text of the agreement between Edward II and Thomas de Multon in 1317
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 17:52:40 +0100
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John P. Ravilious wrote:
> The language provided from the 1317 document by Dr. Cunningham (via
> Robert Todd's post) may or may not be considered a 'formal' betrothal, but
> its having been committed to writing calling it 'informal' is not quite
> accurate.
> It was, in part, an agreement that two individuals (Joan de Gaveston
> the younger Multon) would be married. This gives the distinct impression
> that these two had been betrothed.

I think it is clear that such a marriage contract could be made while the
children were very young.

An example is the contract for marriage between Alice, daughter of Humphrey
de Bohun, earl of Hereford, and Roger, son of Ralph de Tosny. This was
pointed out by Douglas Richardson together with other evidence that the
marriage did take place (a correction to the account of Tosny in the
Complete Peerage).

The text (which unfortunately I haven't transcribed) was printed in Emma
Mason's "The Beauchamp Cartulary" (Pipe Roll Society, new series vol.43;
1980). The contract is undated, but a confirmation of it was entered on the
Fine Roll 23 June 1239. Mason notes that Roger de Tosny came of age in 1256,
and was therefore born in 1235. So he would have been aged 4 at most when
the contract was made. It also provided for Alice's marriage to Roger's
younger brother Ralph, if Roger died under age.

Chris Phillips

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