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Subject: Eudokia Komnene [was: The Henry Project -- One Year Later]
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> Hello,
> I was basing this ancestry on the genealogical tables in
> the "Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium" (Oxford: the
> University Press, 1991), particuarly the Komnenoi table
> on p. 1145 of Vol. 2. It listed the Eudokia who married
> Guillaume VIII as a daughter of Isaac Komnenos,
> sebastokrator, and his second wife Irene Diplosynadene.
> What is your source for Eudokia being a daughter of Alexios?

My source was wrong on this, and yours is right - I should have twigged that
the marriage/s made more sense the other way round.

I had looked it up in the first edition of Milhail-Dimitri Sturdza's _
Dictionnaire historique et généalogique des grandes famillles de Grèce,
d'Albanie et de Constantinople_ (Paris, 1983). Maybe he has corrected this
in the second edition. He is not alone in confusing the two ladies, and I
suspect that the error may trace back to the unpublished thesis of S de
Jongh on the Komnenoi (1937).

I'm not sure from Brice's post whether ES 2:177 confuses both parents or
just the mothers of the two namesakes.

Anyway, Eudokia who married Guilhem VIII of Montpellier was clearly a niece
of Emperor Manuel I and the youngest daughter of the sebastokrator Isaakios
by his second wife Eirene Diplosynadene. The table in _Oxford Dictionary of
Byzantium_ volume II is drawn from _Genealogia ton Komnenon_ by Konstantinos
Barzos (Thessalonica, 1984), now the standard work on this family.

I haven't seen this, but *Notes de titulaire et de prosopographie
byzantines: sébaste et gambos* by L Stiernon in _Revue des Études
Byzantines_ 23 (1965), *The Guillems of Montpellier: a Sociological
Appraisal* by Archibald Lewis in _Viator_ 2 (1971) and *Zur Geschichte der
"Kaiserin" von Montpellier, Eudoxia Komnena* by Winfried Hecht in _Revue des
Études Byzantines_ 26 (1968) are quite clear on the point.

The unhappy Eudokia was known in Languedoc as "domina Imperatrix", even
called by this title in the will of her daughter Marie, queen of Aragon [see
*Les testaments de la reine Marie de Montpellier* by José Maria Lacarra &
Luis Gonzalez Anton in _Annales du Midi_ 90 (1978).

Peter Stewart

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