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From: "Chris Phillips" <>
Subject: Re: Beaumont-Toeni marriage date reconsidered
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 10:40:54 +0100

Ray Phair wrote:
> The other record was the foundation charter of Robert II earl of
> Leicester for the nunnery at Eaton (Nuneaton), Warwickshire, which was
> dated by Round as c.1155-1159 [4]. It was issued after the death of
> earl Simon de St. Liz II in 1153 [5].
> More recently Crouch examined the charter and revised its dating to
> 1160-3, based on the appearance among the witnesses of Hugh Barre who
> does not occur in earl Robert's charters before 1159 [8]. ...

Many thanks for that interesting analysis.

Looking back at my old notes from Crouch's book, I see I had failed to
connect the foundation charter of Nuneaton, which Crouch (re)dated to
1060-3, with the charter that Round dated to c1155-9 (CP refers to that as a
charter for Fontevrault - the parent house). This charter also gives us (I
think) the first appearance of Pernel (Petronilla) as wife of Robert II's
son Robert.

I couldn't help wondering how definite the redating of the charter is, if
it's really based on the appearance of a single witness (I don't have
Crouch's book in front of me, and didn't take any notes of his reasoning for
this). It would result in the odd situation of the foundation charter of
Robert II being dated several years after charters for Nuneaton of his son
and son in law in 1159 (which I presume was the basis of Round's dating to
"before 1159"). According to my notes, Crouch attributes this to the
dedication ceremony being long delayed.

Chris Phillips

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