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Subject: Alexander/Donald line out of Scotland
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 06:21:15 EDT

If this is the wrong forum to which I should direct this question, please
advise; however, after reading from this list daily I find I don't think I
could find a more knowledgeable group of researchers.

I have an Scottish ALEXANDER line that claims to be from Angus Og, but here's
my problem with that:

Backing the line up to Somerled, Viking King....Somerled had a son named
Ranald who had a son named Donald, Lord of the Isles - Head of Clan Donald.
Donald had 2 sons, Angus Mor and Alistair Mor. Angus Mor had 2 sons, Alistair
Og and Angus Og. Story goes, Alistair Og did not side with the Bruce like the
rest of the family so he was stripped of his DONALD name. He then became
progenitor of Clan Alistair (Alexander) leaving his younger brother Angus Og
to take over as Head of Clan Donald. I descend through Angus Og's son John,
Lord of the Isles who married 1. Amy MacRory, 2) Margaret Stuart, daugther of
Robert II, King of Scotland. Now my question is this: How can descendants of
Angus Og be called Alexanders? Shouldn't they/we be called DONALD? If it
helps, this Alexander line is sometimes referred to as the Alexanders of
Menstrie, Stirling, Scotland. I keep thinking I am missing something simple.
Surely after all these hundreds of years I can't be the only person who has
questioned this. So far, questions to Clan Alistair and to Clan Donald have
gone unanswered. Just as an auxiliary question: I read that John's children
by his second marriage was not considered legitimate. Does that sound right
to anyone? His second wife was daughter to the King of Scotland and NOT
considered legitimate? Why would Robert II stand for that?

I hope none of this is too far off base for the list.

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