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From: Nathaniel Taylor <>
Subject: Pero Gomes Barroso's wife's ancestry
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 09:11:47 -0400
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Especially for Chico, Maria Emma, Manoel, and Todd:

[this was posted separately to sgm last week, but most of the above
contribute on the e-mail list side]

Lately I've done some more reading into the career, poetry and
ancestry of Pero Gomes Barroso and the identity of his wife (nos. 52
& 53 in the Ahnantafel of Sancha de Ayala; we talked about them here
back in May).

On May 5 Manoel Cesar Furtado posted the descent in the _Livro de
Linhagens do conde D. Pedro_, of the wife of Pero Gomes Barroso from
the Acevedo family, as follows (from titles 30 and 52 of the LL, in
Mattoso's ed.):

1. Pero Mendes de Acevedo [= Velasquida Rodrigues (de Trastamara)]
2. Fernão Pires de Acevedo (m. in Toledo) = NN (an 'honorable
3. Chamoa Fernandes = Pedro Gomes Barroso

But on May 4 Maria Emma Escobar had provided a precis of the work of
Javier Rodriguez Marquina ("Linajes mozárabes de Toledo", pp. 55-64 &
charts), identifying as Pero Gomes Barroso's father-in-law one
Fernando Pérez 'el Portugales'. This Fernando Perez is apparently
descended from an Ermildo Melendez, who held properties in Acevedo in
Portugal, along with many proporties in Toledo, Pantoja, etc., which
passed to his sons (& descendants). Fernando Perez founded the
(apparently no longer extant) monastery of the Santisima Trinidad in
Toledo, where his agnate descendants the Pantoja were buried.

From Rodriguez Marquina, the stemma would be:

1. Ermildo Melendez
2. Pedro Ermildez 'de Portugal'
3. Fernando Perez 'El Portogalés' = Mayorí
4. NN (elsewhere in the same article given as Francisca) = Pedro
Gomez Barroso

Now, the only evidence for this identity of the wife of Pedro Gomez
Barroso is cited (p. 63) as "trabajos inéditos del Marqués de Tola de
Gaytán, que investigo el archivo de los condes de Villafranca de
Gaytán, en Vergara (Guipuzcoa)." Rodriguez Marquina seems to show
the link as conjectural.

So: which is right? The work of Rodriguez Marquina hasn't inspired
confidence in certain other specifics. the _Livro de Linhagens do
Conde Don Pedro_, on the other hand, is a classic but flawed source,
though as a 14th-century authority it is closer to a 'primary source'
than, say, Dugdale's Baronage. But the coincidence of both lines
showing some connection to 'Acevedo' is striking: according to Don
Pedro, the father comes from the progenitors of the noble family of
that name, while in the other case, it is an unknown Toledan /
Portuguese lineage which appears, in contemporary documents, to hold
some lands in Acevedo. So maybe the memory of the Toledan family
connected to Acevedo was somehow morphed into the father-in-law being

If one believes Conde Don Pedro and follows the ancestry in the Livro
de Linhagens (title 21), then one appears to get a link to the folks
Chico likes to talk about:

1. Trastamiro Aboazar, generation 19 in Chico's 'A Boa Semente'
chart, viewable as .pdf at:

2. Gonçalo Trastamires (da Maia) = Mencia Rodriguez
3. Mem Gonçalvez (da Maia) = Leonguida Soarez
4. Gonçalo Meendez (da Maia) 'o Lidador' = Leonor Veegas
5. Meninha Gonçalves = Rodrigo Froiaz de Trastamara 'o Boo'
6. Valasquida Rodrigues = Pero Mendez d'Azevedo
7. Fernan Pires d'Azevedo = NN
8. Chamoa Fernandes = Pero Gomes Barroso

[Now, when one looks at LL (title 52.A.4, p. 2:62) closely,
generation 6-7 is unclear:

"este Pero Meendez d'Azevedo foi casado com dona Valasquida
Rodriguez, filha de dom Rodrigo Froiaz, o Boo, de Trastamar
[...] e fez em ela:
dom Joham Pirez da Veiga,
e Soeiro Pirez d'Azevedo,
e dona Maria Pirez.
E houve outro filho que houve nome Fernam Pirez, que foi
casado em Toledo, e houve filhos..."

Now, I haven't studied the style and scope of Don Pedro's text very
fully, but doesn't this wording suggest that this 'other son' of Pero
Meendez, Fernam Pirez, isn't necessarily the child of Valasquida

So: is the Conde Don Pedro to be believed for the identity of the
wife of Pero Gomes Barroso, or is Rodriguez Marquina? If one follows
the former, does she descend from Chico's favorite Aboazar via
Valasquita Rodrigues?


Nat Taylor

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