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Subject: Re: Eudokia Komnene [was: The Henry Project -- One Year Later]
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 12:55:29 -0700
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Thanks for the clarification! I will probably be picking up a copy of
Sturdza's Revised Edition via interlibrary loan this afternoon and I'll look and
see if he has made the necessary corrections. Thanks also for the citations. I
will try to look up those I have access to today if I have the time.
The ODB cites the article "Die Synadenos" in the _Jahrbuch der
Osterreichischen Byzantinistik_ 25 (1976), pp. 125-61 as the best source on the
Synadenos family. Does anyone have access to this journal?

Kelsey J. Williams

> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > I was basing this ancestry on the genealogical tables in
> > the "Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium" (Oxford: the
> > University Press, 1991), particuarly the Komnenoi table
> > on p. 1145 of Vol. 2. It listed the Eudokia who married
> > Guillaume VIII as a daughter of Isaac Komnenos,
> > sebastokrator, and his second wife Irene Diplosynadene.
> > What is your source for Eudokia being a daughter of Alexios?
> My source was wrong on this, and yours is right - I should have twigged that
> the marriage/s made more sense the other way round.
> I had looked it up in the first edition of Milhail-Dimitri Sturdza's _
> Dictionnaire historique et généalogique des grandes famillles de Grèce,
> d'Albanie et de Constantinople_ (Paris, 1983). Maybe he has corrected this
> in the second edition. He is not alone in confusing the two ladies, and I
> suspect that the error may trace back to the unpublished thesis of S de
> Jongh on the Komnenoi (1937).
> I'm not sure from Brice's post whether ES 2:177 confuses both parents or
> just the mothers of the two namesakes.
> Anyway, Eudokia who married Guilhem VIII of Montpellier was clearly a niece
> of Emperor Manuel I and the youngest daughter of the sebastokrator Isaakios
> by his second wife Eirene Diplosynadene. The table in _Oxford Dictionary of
> Byzantium_ volume II is drawn from _Genealogia ton Komnenon_ by Konstantinos
> Barzos (Thessalonica, 1984), now the standard work on this family.
> I haven't seen this, but *Notes de titulaire et de prosopographie
> byzantines: sébaste et gambos* by L Stiernon in _Revue des Études
> Byzantines_ 23 (1965), *The Guillems of Montpellier: a Sociological
> Appraisal* by Archibald Lewis in _Viator_ 2 (1971) and *Zur Geschichte der
> "Kaiserin" von Montpellier, Eudoxia Komnena* by Winfried Hecht in _Revue des
> Études Byzantines_ 26 (1968) are quite clear on the point.
> The unhappy Eudokia was known in Languedoc as "domina Imperatrix", even
> called by this title in the will of her daughter Marie, queen of Aragon [see
> *Les testaments de la reine Marie de Montpellier* by José Maria Lacarra &
> Luis Gonzalez Anton in _Annales du Midi_ 90 (1978).
> Peter Stewart

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