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Subject: RE: Eudokia Komnene [was: The Henry Project -- One Year Later]
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 09:39:38 +1000

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> The ODB cites the article "Die Synadenos" in the _Jahrbuch
> der Osterreichischen Byzantinistik_ 25 (1976), pp. 125-61 as
> the best source on the Synadenos family. Does anyone have
> access to this journal?

I will look this up at the weekend if no-one has let us know before then -
however, I doubt that there is any definite information about Eirene

Unless something has turned up clearly connecting her to Eudokia the
"empress" of Montpellier, a slight doubt will remain: the first wife of
Isaakios Komnenos presumably died in or more probably before 1145 (usually
1144 is given), allowing him to have married Eirene by early in 1146 at the
latest. Their (elder?) daughter Theodora married Baudouin III d'Anjou, king
of Jerusalem in 1158 when she was stated to be thirteen years old. The only
other child ascribed to them, Eudokia, is said to have beeen born in 1162 -
i.e. around seventeen years after her supposed sibling. This gap is
possible, naturally, but hardly an everyday occurrence in the rather
philoprogenitive Komnenos family.

Peter Stewart

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