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From: Francisco Antonio Doria <>
Subject: From Abunazar to Ch‚moa Azevedo, II
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 21:03:06 -0300 (ART)

[Part 2.]

The next 3 generations are taken from Felgueiras Gayo,
_Nobili√°rio..._, vol. I, p. 534, 1989/90 edition.

6. Mendo Pais ``Bofinho.'' He is attested in a 1117
document (he appears among the witnesses), referred to
by A. Braamcamp Freire, _Bras√Ķes..._, III, p. 193, who
quotes it from a printed source. Gayo refers to a 1121
document (there is some mess-up about the date, but
A.D. 1121 agrees with the previous generation). Gayo
gives him as m. to Sancha Pais, d. of Paio Curvo. For
Pizarro (vol. III, table of descent of the Bai√Ķes),
she is Sancha Pais de Toronho.


7. Hermígio Mendes ``de Azevedo,'' attested in the
_Livro Velho_ and in the 1121 document:

``Ego Mendus Roufino, et filiis meus Hirmihildo
Menendis, et filius ejus Petrus Hermihildis...''

Given as having married one Elvira Viegas, who, if the
daughter of one Egas Moniz, might be (my guess) the d.
of Egas Moniz (att. 1095-1117) and of Dorotéia Osores
(att. 1106-1121). (This is definitely *not* Egas Moniz
``Aio.'') See Mattoso, l.c., section V.


8. Pedro Hermiges de Azevedo. It's the same one as
Pedro *Mendes* de Azevedo, who m. Velasquita
Rodrigues, d. of Count Rodrigo Forjaz de Trast√Ęmara.

Son (perhaps not of Velasquita):

9. Fern√£o Pires de Azevedo, the
troubadour/minnesinger. Pizarro, I, p. 314, identifies
him to ``Fernão Pires português,'' mentioned next to
Fernão Anes Batissela (of the Límia/Lima family) in
the 1250 córdova document already referred to by Maria
Emma, apud Nat Taylor. Notice that the lineage given
by Marquina is precisely the one just given (and
attested by the 1121 document),

----------(From Nat Taylor's post)
1. Ermildo Melendez
2. Pedro Ermildez 'de Portugal'
3. Fernando Perez 'El Portogalés' = Mayorí
4. NN (elsewhere in the same article given as
Francisca) = Pedro
Gomez Barroso

We then get:

10. Ch√Ęmoa Fernandes de Azevedo, m. to Pero Gomes

I must say, I'm tempted here to add, Q.E.D.



PS: A piece of news: my gdaughter Laura, d. of my son
Pedro and wife Leila was born on Saturday 27, in Rio.
If you believe those long-winded, tortuous genealogies
(I'm not so sure I do...) she is in the 31st
generation since that semi-mythical knight Arduino who
fell in love with Orietta (Aurea) della Volta in Genoa
in the 11th century, and started it all...

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