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From: "Stewart, Peter" <>
Subject: Biolan
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 10:21:56 +1000

According to Norse accounts, Rollo of Normandy had a daughter named Caðlin
(Kathleen) who married Biolan, called king and supposed to be established
somewhere in Scotland.

Biolan, or Beolan, was apparently an Irish name. I've seen the suggestion
that this man was possibly succeeded in his conquered Scottish territory by
Thorfinn the Red, son of Olaf the White, king of Dublin (at the moment I
can't remember where, but it was not more specific or detailed about an
alleged Irish connection).

Yesterday, by serendipity in relation to this, I came across a table in
Martin Aurell's *Stratégies matrimoniales de l'aristocratie (IX-XIII
siècle)*, _Mariage et sexualité au Moyen Âge: Accord ou crise_, Colloque
international de Conques, edited by Michel Rouche, Cultures et Civilisations
Médiévales 21 (Paris, 2000). Here he draws on the 1991 thesis of Frédérique
Lefebvre, _Les mariages des ducs de Normandie de 911 à 1066_ (University of
Rouen, unpublished). She appears to have accepted the link to Biolan, as
other scholars following DC Douglas have done, but mysteriously (to me, from
Aurell's table) adds the description "comte de Limerick" after Biolan's

I don't have acceess to the work of Lefebvre. Does anyone know of a source
definitely connecting Biolan to Ireland?

Peter Stewart

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