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From: Nathaniel Taylor <>
Subject: Re: abunazar to ayala to england
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 12:24:22 -0400

Following Chico's request, here is the line from Pero Gomes Barroso to
Sancha de Ayala:

[Generations 1-10 summarize Chico's post of last night to the listserver]

1. Abunazar Lovesendes (att. 978) = Unisco Godins. Following the
theory propounded by Chico, he may be of Muslim (Ummayad?) ancestry.

2. [Fromarico] 'Cide' Abunazar = NN

3. Toderedo Fromariques 'Cid' or Trutesendo Abunazar (att. 1040 / 1070)
= Faregia Forjaz, d. of Froia [Froila, Fruela] Osoredes (she att. 1069)

4. Ausenda [Adosinda] Todereis (att. 1092) = Nuno Soares 'Velho', of
the Baio family.

5. Gontinha (att. 1108) = Paio Godins 'de Azevedo' (br. of Baio

6. Mendo Pais 'Roufino / Bofinho' (att. 1117, 1121) = Sancha Pais (d. of
Paio Curvo or __ de Toronho).

7. Hermgio (Ermildo) Mendes 'de Azevedo' (att. 1121) = Elvira Viegas
(dau. of an Egas Moniz?)

8. Pedro Hermiges de Azevedo (apparently = Velasquita Rodrigues, d. of
Count Rodrigo Forjaz de Trastmara, but not necessarily mother of:).

9. Ferno Pires de Azevedo = ??

10. Chmoa Fernandes de Azevedo = Pero Gomes Barroso, the troubadour,
attested in the repartimiento of Seville (1248); held land in Toledo
extant corpus of 12 poems in the Galician-Portuguese tradition.

11. Fernn Prez Barroso (called lord of Parla in one source; said by
Fernan Perez de Ayala, no. 13, to have 'received all the inheritance of
Azevedo'); courtier of kings Sancho IV & Fernando IV) = Mencia Garca
de Sotomayor, dau. of Garci Melendez de Sotomayor & Ines 'la gorda' (de

12. Sancha Fernndez Barroso (sister of Cardinal Pero Gomes Barroso) =
Pero Lpez de Ayala II (d. soon after Feb 1331), adelantado mayor del
reino de Murcia, lord of the city of Cartagena, retainer and household
official of D. Juan Manuel (cousin of the king, intriguer and writer).

13. Fernn Perz de Ayala (b. Toledo, 1305; became lord of Ayala, 1332;
d. 15 October 1385 at Vitoria or Quejana; bd. Quejana), adelantado major
del reino de Murcia, etc., merino mayor of Asturias; d. as Dominican
friar at Vitoria; = Elvira Alvarez de Ceballos (d. 3 Aug 1372; bd. at
Quejana), sister and heiress of Daz Gutirrez, master of the Order of
Alcantara, who was killed by order of King Pedro I in 136. Children

[14. Pero Lpez de Ayala III (1332-1407), diplomat, grand chancellor of
Castile, and one of the three leading Castilian writers of his century;
= Leonor de Guzmn, with many descendants, beginning with the condes de
Fuensalida. And also his eldest sister:]

14. Ins de Ayala (eldest of 8 daughters; b. say 1330; will 1403 and
prob. d. soon after) = Diego Gmez, lord of Casarrubios del Monte
(Toledo); kt. of the Orden de la Banda; notario mayor del reino de
Toledo (1351), alcalde major de Toledo (1360s, successively for rivals
Pedro I & Enrique II), d. betw. 1373 and 29 Mar 1375. His palace in
Toledo survives as the Dominican convent of Santa Isabel. Children

[15. Pedro Surez (III) de Toledo, d. at battle of Aljubarrota 13 August
1385 (his sculpted armorial tomb, probably from Santa Isabel at Toledo,
is at the Museu Fredric Mars in Barcelona) = Juana de Orozco; from whom
descends Fernn II & V, King of Spain, etc. And also his eldest sister:]

15. Sancha de Ayala (eldest of 5 daughters, b. say 1350); went to
England in 1371 in the train of Constance of Castile, wife of John of
Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster & pretender to Castile; married by 1373; d.
testate in 1418 = Sir Walter Blount (1348-1403), retainer and trusted
official of John of Gaunt (and later of Henry Bolingbroke, King Henry
IV); participant in French and Spanish campaigns; several times on
diplomatic missions in Castile, Aragon & Portugal; killed at Battle of
Shrewsbury (see CP 9:333, s.n. 'Mountjoy').

Innumerable descendants in England (including the Queen, in two lines,
and the Princes William and Harry, via two others: see Paget), and
several descendants among 17th-century American colonists, including:

Lawrence and John Washington

Roger, Thomas and John Ludlow; Sarah (Ludlow) Carter

Elder William Wentworth

Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson & Katherine (Marbury) Scott

Christopher Lawson

Elizabeth (Marshall) Lewis

Robert Abell

Governor Thomas Dudley

Nat Taylor

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