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From: "James Trabue" <>
Subject: L'isle (L'Isley) - Daiubeney
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 10:47:00 -0700

The visitations of Surrey of 1623 shows the following:
Sir William de Lisle d. 1441 = Elizabeth --
Drugo de Lisle d. 1474 at Colchester = Allice d. & heire of Camery
Sir John Lisle d. at Windsor = Avis d. of Sr. Giles Daubeney

Has anyone researched this line? I am particularly interested in determining which Sir Giles Daubeney is father of Avis and also the name of her mother. CP IV page 101 in footnote d refers to a daughter Anice born after the execution (3 Mar. 1444/5) of the will of Sir Giles Daubeney who died 11 January 1445/6. He was married 3 times with his last wife being Alice --. His son, William was by the first wife and was born in 1424 and died at age 36 in 1460/61. His son was another Sir Giles, born 1452 or 1453 and died in 1508. He married before 1483, Elizabeth Arundell. They had only one son, Henry, who died s.p. and was succeeded by John Bourchier, Earl of Bath who was son of his only sister, Cecily.

The dates for the first mentioned Sir Giles seem a bit early, but the facts concerning the succession to the 2nd Sir Giles seem to preclude him. The footnote concerning Anice has a citation to Coll. Top. et Gen., vol. i page
314. I would appreciate any help or opinions.
James D. Trabue

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