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Subject: Liber Vitae and the Earls of Athol (was Re: Liber Vitae ... Bigod)
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 15:03:35 EDT

Wednesday, 31 July, 2002

Dear Rosie and Chris, et al.,

Another marvelous find (group of finds, really). It's hard to decide
where to start, let alone how....

To pick on one set of facts, the family grouping from the Liber Vitae for
Malcolm, Earl of Athol (Malcolmus filius Mal. = Malcolm mac Madadh) is
extremely interesting. For two reasons in particular:

1. Malcolm's wife is given as 'Hextilda filia
Uchthredi.' She was certainly the heiress
of Lochaber and Tynedale, who was married to
Richard Comyn (d. 1182) and brought those lands
to that marriage: her son William Comyn was her
heir, and ancester of the subsequent Comyn lords
of Badenoch and Earls of Buchan, & c.

I was not aware of such a marriage, nor I believe
was anyone else. It did not affect the inheritance
of those lands, and Malcolm's son Henry did succeed
as Earl of Athol, so that with regards to the
Comyn family and that of Athol this was basically
a genealogical 'bump in the night'.

2. It appears from the listing of individuals following
Malcolm 'comes' and his wife Hextilda, that Simon
and 'Henricus' were their sons [Henry being the
succeeding Earl of Athol]. From the order of the
text it would appear that the next two,

' Dunecanus frater ejus,
Bedoch soror ejus,.. '

Were brother and sister of the subject, Earl
Malcolm. However, 'Bedoch' appears to be Bethoc,
which happens to be the name of the wife of Uhtred
of Tynedale, and mother of Hextilda!

Based on the foregoing information, I would reconstruct the families as

Donald III
King of Scots
Uhtred = Bethoc
lord of I heiress of Lochaber
Tynedale I
1) Richard Comyn = Hextilda = 2) Malcolm mac Madadh
lord of Tynedale I I Earl of Athol
d. 1182 I I d. bef Sept 1198
_______________I I
I _________________I_______________________
William Simon Henry Duncan Bethoc others
Comyn (dvp) Earl of
Lord of Lochaber Athol
and Earl of d. bef 1211
Buchan (dju)
d. 1233

Malcolm, Earl of Athol and Hextilda were related in the 3rd degree
(descendants of Duncan I, King of Scots), but this issue was either readily
dispensed or (being in Scotland) summarily dispensed with.

Please let me know of any issues or concerns you might note in this
reconstruction. This will have a wide-ranging impact on the ancestry of many
individuals (primarily, those descended from John of Strathbogie, Earl of
Athol, exe. 1306).

An important aside: as Malcolm mac Madadh died before September 1198
(see CP account; also SP), this will help in establishing a range of dates
for the benefactions recorded in the Liber Vitae. Given the number of
children indicated, and the death of Richard Comyn in 1182, the benefaction
on p. 100 of vol. 13 must have occurred between say 1188 and Sept. 1198.

Best regards, and many thanks.

John *

* John P. Ravilious

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