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Subject: Re: Liber Vitae and the Earls of Athol (was Re: Liber Vitae ... Bigod)
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 01:41:48 EDT

Thursday, 1 August, 2002

Dear Rosie,

Thanks for that additional listing (and the next one, see following
post). As Cris Nash stated, there's much to mull over here....

In checking against Alan Young's work on the Comyns [1], only two
children of Richard Comyn (Cumin) and Hextilda are named: William, eldest son
and heir [lord of Tynedale, Lochaber, later Earl of Buchan de jure uxoris],
and a sister Idonea, wife of Adam fitz Gilbert [2]. I wonder if the name
'Edeva' given in the Liber Vitae may be Idonea?

No trace found for Christian or Ada yet, but I will keep you posted.

Also, in looking over Young's work I find there was some preexisting
awareness of the Athol connection, but am not certain why more seems not to
have been made of the fact. Young writes (p. 29),

' Influence over yet another earldom, Atholl,
came through Richard Cumin I and lasted through
most of the 1230s until 1242 - after Richard's
death, his wife Hextilda took as her second
husband Malcolm earl of Atholl, and a second
link between the Comyns and Atholl was that
Earl Patrick of Atholl's mother Isabella was
probably connected to the Comyn family by her
mother. Thus Earl Patrick of Atholl (styled
1237) was the great-grandson of Hextilda. '

I don't quite understand how Young could state Isabella was 'probably
connected to the Comyn family', and not make the connection more certain at
that point [then stating Patrick was Hextilda's great grandson]. Patrick's
father was Thomas of Galloway, probably the illegitimate son of Alan, Lord of
Galloway: the Comyn 'connection' is obviously through the 2nd marriage of

Best regards,

John *

* John P. Ravilious


[1] Alan Young, Robert the Bruce's Rivals: The Comyns,
1212-1314 [East Linton: Tuckwell Press, 1997]

[2] possibly an ancestor of the Hamiltons? Someone may
wish to consult Scots Peerage on that one.

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