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Subject: RE: abunazar to ayala to england
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 15:42:35 +1000

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> Subject: abunazar to ayala to england
> Could some one recommend an authoritative source in English or
> French (or in Spanish or German, if it has charts) on the Umayyad
> dynasty, including the Caliphs of Cordoba?

A good place to start is _The Encyclopaedia of Islam_, new edition, volume X
(Leiden, 2000). This provides a handy bibliography for each major article,
and gives a table for the early Umayyad generations (three ascending & three
descending from Umayya) drawn from G Rotter's _Die Umayyaden und der Zweite
B├╝rgerkriege (680-692)_ (Wiesbaden, 1982), which apparently has detailed
genealogical charts. A promising title in English is GR Hawting's _The First
Dynasty of Islam_ (London, 1986).

Under the Spanish Umayyads is cited Clifford Bosworth's _The New Islamic
Dynasties: a Chronological and Genealogical Manual_ (Edinburgh, 1996). I
have found this very useful for other families.

Peter Stewart

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