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From: Jonas Kuschner <>
Subject: Re: Royal Descents: England vs. Continental Europe
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 07:01:12 +0200
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Jonas Kuschner wrote:
> OK, I didn't realize that you meant the records from after 1937, and I'm
> not familiar with the English system. I would like to visit the FRC at
> some point, but I am more interested in Scotland than in England. (I
> have once ordered a couple of certified copies through the Scots Origins
> site.) I look at this from a Swedish perspective - in Sweden the church
> was in fact the official record-keeper until 1990, when, as part of the
> state-church separation process, this obligation was turned over to the
> local taxation authorities.
> What records are considered to be in the public domain? Is there a point
> in time (50 or 70 or 100 years) when records become public? I notice
> from the Society of Genealogists website that you referred me to that
> most or all of the older records are microfilmed. As the SoG has copies
> I suppose it is possible for anyone else to buy a copy as well.
> Jonas

I just saw Adrian Channing's correction: 1937 was supposed to be 1837.
(For some reason my newsreader has broken this thread into two separate

Aren't the Mormons interested in microfilming these post-1837 records?
That's how the the filming of most Swedish records were payed for.


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