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Subject: Re: Danish Haralds in 9th century Frisia
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 12:32:50 -0500
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Jack Brown wrote:

> >PLM: Thank you for clearing this up, Jack! If you continue to have
> >difficulty locating Mrs. H. M. Chadwick's essay; I will gladly send it
> >again.
> >
> You are right, Phil, the late Dr. Nora Chadwick, is also known as Mrs.
> H. Munro Chadwick which, I think only serves to detract from the fact
> that she was an excellent historian in her own right, first as Dr. Nora
> Kershaw, and only much later, as Mrs. H. Munro Chadwick. And thank you
> offering to send another copy of her article. However, although I have
> forgotten the title of the article, I seem to recall that it wasn't one I
> needed at the time just as I didn't seem to need the Sawyer article at the

PLM: Jack, It was not my intent to belittle Mrs. Chadwick's in any way. I
realize she was a first rate scholar; which is one of the reason I have her
essay. I thought it only fitting that I highlight who her husband was,
because of the work her essay was published in; which is:

"The Early Cultures of North-West Europe, (H. M. Chadwick Memorial Studies),
edited by Sir Cyril Fox and Bruce Dickins, Cambridge, 1950"

So, in due consideration of the fact that her work is in a memorial to her
late husband; I don't believe it is demeaning in any way, to address her as
Mrs. H. M. Chadwick, in this instance. Her essay is called:


> >PLM: I have no reason to doubt you, Jack; so please accept my apologies
> >coming to a hasty conclusion. However, I hope you can appreciate my
> >perspective. I had already sent you a perfectly legible scan; so how was
> >to conclude that you forgot that I even sent the essay to you, and yet
> >were still able to recall the publisher and title of the essay, and then
> >and order an article you already had? I guess the truth is stranger than
> >fiction - occasionally:-)
> >
> Your comment is known as "I hear you lying, Jack, but I'll couch my
> written comments to not appear to be accusatory"

PLM: I meant exactly what I said, Jack, and there is no truth in your
accusation. It is true that I find it incredible that you could so
completely obliterate from your mind, the fact that you already had Peter
Sawyer's essay, to the point of actually ordering it from the publisher.
Just because I believe that the facts of the situation are suitable material
for "Ripley's Believe it or Not"; this is in no way implies that you are
lying. In case you have not noticed, Jack; I do not offer apologies for
anything I say in this forum, unless I truly believe I'm mistaken; so you
can trust that I do believe you.

> And this brings me to another point that will be of interest to you.
> In one of your messages a few nights ago you were inquiring about the
meaning of BAR
> which published Eric Christiansen's translation of Books X through XVI of
> the works of Saxo Grammaticus.
> The BAR stands for "British Archaeological Review" and here is a library
> catalogue entry for this particular work you seek.

PLM: Thanks a million for this info, Jack; it is very thoughtful of you! I
appreciate Saxo's work, but most of the first nine books are considered
legendary, in this forum; so I believe his later work will be more reliable,
it being contemporary to Saxo's own time. I have read the online version of
Saxo's first nine books; so I have a good idea of what he says, but I don't
know what he has written in books X-XVI, and this is a deficit in my
understanding of Saxo, I NEED to rectify. I really appreciate you locating
this work for me, Jack!

Best Wishes,

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