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From: "Rosie Bevan" <>
Subject: Re: An Oilli Bassett?
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 17:02:36 +1200
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Dear Cris

I note your concern about Wigod and Wigan de Wallingford, but would be
inclined to believe K-R's account. I'm afraid that I haven't pursued this
line of research, nor have I seen 'Devolution of the Honor of Wallingford



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Subject: An Oilli Bassett?

> "Rosie Bevan" <> wrote on 10 Jul 2000
> >The source for the marriage between Edith D'Oyly and Gilbert de Basset is
> >Bayley. Account of the House of D'Oyly, 1845.p.10. His source was
> >Monasticon, 1723 vol. II p.126. . I don't know what Dugdale's source was,
> >but think it likely to be the annals of Oseney Abbey. I haven't got the
> >reference to hand at present but will get hold of it next week to
> Rosie, having been as worried as you probably were about reliance on
> Dugdale for this, I'm beginning (or startin agin) to wonder. Reason
> - I note that while I haven't, Keats-Rohan has looked at Oseney's
> Cartulary and gives Edith as m. to "nepos Brientii, known as Wigan of
> Wallingford...of the Wolverton family" (DD, 620-21), without mention
> of Bassett. Of course Bassetts - & evidently espec. Gilbert s. of
> this Gilbert - later held much of Wallingford (per DD, 7 fees of the
> honour in 1166, p 164), but being a lazy bugger I haven't even
> checked VCH Wallingford*. I'm rather inclined to trust K-R on this
> point (though it doesn't extinguish the possibility of the Bassett
> marriage) and should get hold of her 'Devolution of the Honor of
> Wallingford 1066-1154' in _Oxoniensa_, as well as the Bassett
> Cartulary, if no one else here already has... But any thoughts or
> more recent developments at your end?
> Cris
> I've a worrisome whiff of a tangle here, as Robert I d'Oilly, Edith's
> gruncle (a technical term I'm hoping to establish without delay), m.
> Alditha/Edgitha da. & heiress of Wigod of Wallingford. (DP, p 378)
> --

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