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Subject: Re: Lady Godiva Admired
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 22:49:17 -0000
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Mr. Hale is indeed a vulgar, ignorant and dissolute man, Ms. Jones ---- we all
know that.

However, might I suggest you check out the law on this?

Dead people can't file libel and slander suits ---- particularly historical

Deus Vult

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nothing." -- Attributed to Edmund Burke [1729-1797]

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your philosophy." ---- William Shakespeare [1564-1616] The Tragedy of Hamlet,
Prince of Denmark, Act I, Scene V, Line 166-167

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""malinda"" <> wrote in message

| Enough.
| You are being slanderous and irresponsible which I find highly offensive.
| I would like to politely request that you desist from making such
| accusations
| unless you can back them up with proof of misbehavior.
| Otherwise, kindly refrain from besmirching a great man who risked
| everything to provide you with the freedom of speech you are now so
| cavalierly abusing at his expense.
| Washington's broad shoulders can withstand your smut balls, but why
| should they have to ?
| I would respectfully suggest that you...and any other people who enjoy
| taking potshots at those who provided you with the democracy which
| is now so imperiled...refrain from legally actionable offenses toward the
| Founding Fathers in general and George Washingnton in particular.
| ~malinda jones
| Member National Association of Washington Family Descendants

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