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From: "malinda" <>
Subject: Re: Lady Godiva Admired
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 18:51:45 -0600
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Oh really ? accusations ?

Sly innuendo is right on the slippery edge of accusation if you insist on
giving yourself wiggle room.

And I will thank you to refrain from super-imposing your own predilections
on George Washington ...or on me. You do NOT have the right to idly
slanderize him or anyone else, including me.

Your crude attempts at insults speak poorly for your own character .
Your other comments speak poorly for even a passing nod to veracity.

~malinda jones
proud descendant of Thorfinn Skullspliltter

> > You are being slanderous and irresponsible which I find highly
> > I would like to politely request that you desist from making such
> > accusations
> > unless you can back them up with proof of misbehavior.
> >
> Madam, I made NO accusations. I said perhaps. I have every right in the
> world to bring up possibilities. You may be a descendant but your
> was a man, not a deity, or saint. He had desires and pains and wants just
> like everyone else in his time. If he had a tryst with a person of
> origins it is no slur on him, or on his greatness, it was something that
> happened everyday in those days. If you think that detracts from him in
> anyway, then you are a poor representative of your ancestor.
> Gordon

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